Premier Account


What can customers get from the premier service?

Premier customers will receive a number of
special priorities as listed below:

- Outdoor service to your organization. In case, customers are not able
to come to our office, you just need to let us know then we will delivery
our staffs to service you on time.
- First priority do not need to queue up
- LCB's staff will act as your own manager to manage all of your banking
- Access to privilege withdrawal of large amount of cash; however premier
customers just need to inform the bank for one day or one hour before
the transaction will take place.
- Privilege to transfer money and exchange money with competitive fee.
More importantly, customers can also borrow money in a competitive
interest rate.
- By being a member of the Premier club, our premier customers will be
able to enjoy special discount at some of the prominent places who are
LCB's Premier Club partners.
- All of these will impress you with our premier services.

How to open a Premier Account?

- Minimum balance for opening such account is 500,000,000 LAK / 2,000,000
THB/ 50,000 USD
- Entitle to receive a Premier Passbook
- Entitle to receive a unique Premier Cheque book,
- Entitle to receive a Premier card (ATM gold Card)

* Documents required

- Copy of ID card or family book
- Copy of passport and work permit (in case you are a foreigner working
in Laos)
- Copy of Enterprise Registration Certificate
- Copy of Investment License
- Copy of Tax Registration Certificate