Fixed Account


One of the products Lao Construction Bank offers to its customers is a Fixed Term Deposit. This is a low risk investment that offers higher rates of interest and it's a good financial plan for your future saving as it generates fixed income that you can choose by your own.

If you want to receive fixed  income from a safe investment and you are not in a hurry of using such capital,  fixed Deposit Account of Lao Construction Bank would be your best solution.

With a Lao Construction Bank Fixed Term Deposit, you can:

The Bank accepts a minimum deposit of 1,000,000 LAK or 5,000 THB, 100 USD and accepts deposit for periods above 3, 6, 12 and 24 Months, with different rates of interests for each of these maturities.

If the Fixed Deposit is closed prematurely (uplifted) a charge payment free for all other currencies will be determinate by Bank. The amount of interest payable would also be deducted for such pre-mature withdrawals. For more information please constant the operating in Lao Construction Bank.