Money Transfer Services
Lao Construction Bank Limited Provide quickly, conveniently and safety money transfer service both Domestic and Oversea.
1.Domestic Money Transfer
Money Transfer to other banks

  • Money Transfer by Bank Draft or Cashier's Chuqe
  • Fax Transfer and SWIFT
  • Pay for money transfer fee between banks
2.Internal Money Transfer
is transfer money between banks to other banks which different country around the world.
  • Foreign Inward Remittance you should have our saving account, then inform account number and name account and SWIFT code to oversea.
  • Internal Money Transfer society for worldwide interbank Financial Telecommunication, we transfer and receive money by Swift from lao Construction Bank with coorespondence bank have good service by swift system transfer is convenient and comfortable, we following by lao counter bank.
3.Special Money Transfer such as
  • Transfer and Receive money 10 Number Register by Western Union
  • Demand daft
  • Mail transfer
  • Telegraphic Transfer
  • Computer On line
  • Bank daft or Demand daft

4.Loan Seervice
The bank provides the credit facilities for short terms, medium terms and longs terms which suitable and combine with the business sectors timely and conveniently and the bank also provides the professional financial consultant in order to ensure conveniently access funds as company desired.
  • Personal loan
  • Term loan
  • Revolving loan
  • Over draft facilities
Bank guarantee
  • Bid bond guarantee
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Preferment guarantee
  • Retention money guarantee
Letter of credit
  • import L/C
  • Export L/C
  • And other bank certificates