Lao Construction Bank Histrory

Lao construction Bank Limited (LCB) is a joint-venture commercial bank between Lao and Chinese. Lao Construction Bank had been opened official on February 22, 2012. LCB has been established by five core shareholders in which 80% of the total shares belonged to Chinese investors, 20% of them belongs to Laos. And 300,000,000,000 kip of registered capital.
The bank has been named “Lao Construction Bank” in Lao with an English abbreviation as “LCB”. it’s headquarter is now located at Cosco Road, unit 10, Phonsinuan Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. Lao Construction Bank’s slogan is “take you forward and growth together”.


The purposes of the Lao Construction Bank establishment are to provide full financial services to customers and focusing on their services’ expansion to rural areas in order to open opportunities for Lao people in those areas to be able to access their fast and modern services.
Apart from the fact that Lao Construction Bank will play a key role in fund raising from both domestic and foreign sources, the bank will also provide financial services particularly currency deposit and withdraw in Kip, Baht, and US Dollar . The bank comprises of various types of services including currency exchange and various types of loans. More importantly, it will distribute loans to the areas of socio-economic development as a short-term loan, medium-term loan and long-term loan in a bid to upgrade living condition of Lao people step by step. LCB also provides money transfer service in which the service is cheap and modern along with a high security protected that will enable customers to save both time and expenses.


  • To become the best bank in terms of customer service
  • To make the bank being capable, strong, transparent as well as growing step by step
  • To service customers with advance technology
  • To supply loans to all business sectors as a means to facilitate the expansion of the economic development where they focus more on promoting domestic products than importing products
  • To become a modern bank that provides clearance service connected with foreign banks under a slogan “Take you forwards and grow together”.

Board of Directors

Dr. Yuhao Aixinjueluo - Chairman of the Supervisory
Dr. Wan Yang - General Managing Director of Lao Construction Bank
"need to expansion and support Lao Construction Bank to be one of the International Advance banking."
The General Managing Director of Lao Construction Bank is Dr Wan, He has been working experience for Management of financial and Banking over 10 years. He was responsible for Loan and Credit Operation at China construction Bank for 11 year at Neijieng Branch. Between the years 2003-2004 he was General Managing at Shanghai Weishi Investment Limited, after that he was responsible for Director of The national stock commercial Bank at Changdu since 2006-2011. He holds Bachelor Degree of Management at FUTAN University, Shanghai, and He was join PHD at Pacific states University. Now he has appointed to be General Managing Director of Lao Construction Bank.
Josh Hsu-Cheng Chang - Assistant General Managing Director

Mr. Josh Hsu-Cheng Chang was born in 1969, Taiwan. He holds a Bachelor Degree at Gonzaga University in Washington State (USA) with a Major in Finance, minor in MIS. And he also continued his studying for MBA Degree in Business Administration of the same University. After that, He began his first career by being an assistant instructor at Gonzaga University Computer Lab, provided training in PC software, including Management Information System, Ms Office, Ms Window, and other software issue. Moreover, he has more careers in International Finance since he has being in charge of the financial department and strategic planning of a famous multinational financial enterprise in Taiwan. Because of his experience at over 15years, he was trusted by the top director to be a multi-skilled assistant of Lao Construction Bank and response to the information technology of LCB.
The Purpose: He would see advanced technology in Lao. He has professor in IT and good relationship and strategic planning, furthermore, he can speak several of languages such as: English, Mandarin and Taiwanese. So you can trust, adviser and provide full service with highly professional staff.


Mr. Hansana Homsombath - Deputy Managing Director "The older you are the more patient and mature you will be."
"Respect people from all types of social status. No matter where you come from, you are all welcome as long as you are qualified."

Mr. Hansana Homsombath was born on 10 December 1978 in Vientiane Capital. He is the oldest among his three siblings in the family including his younger brother and sister. During his young age, Mr. Hansana paid high attention on his study rather than waffling around like others. Because of his hard work, he graduated his Master degree in Economic and Business Administration at National University of Laos in which his master course was conducted in English language.
Mr Hansana used to assist Governor’s Secretariat committeeat the Bank of Laos (BOL)then became the first Secretary to Governor of BOL for 14 months and then became an assistant to Minister of Prime Minister Office. After that, he worked as an assistant to Director of BOL in Southern branchbetween December 2006 and September 2007 but then in 2009 he turned to be a lecturer on banking industry at the Banking Institution and got invited to lecture the topic on stock market at Faculty of Economic and Faculty of Law and Political Science, National University of Laos.
Later on May 2010, he became a manager at ST Bank but then got appointed as Deputy Managing Director at Lao Construction Bank from 2011 until now. At the LCB, Mr. Hansana is in charge of three different departments including Administration, Human Resource and Risk Control departments.
His purpose is to figure out the organisation’s strength and develop its strength as a means to move the organization to the international level who offers transparent servicesimplemented byadvanced technology to customers.

Mr. Thavone VANNALATH - Deputy Managing Director "People love achieving success but they have no idea what they have to get through before achieving it."

Mr. Thavone VANNALATH was born on 14 April 1977, at Thongtoum Village, ChanthaboulyDistrict, Vientiane Capital. He has 7 siblings in the family and he is the 5th son of the family.
Let’s get started with his education background. In 2001, Mr. Thavone graduated his Bachelor degree majoring in Economic and Management from National University of Laos.So far, he has had working experiences for more than 11 years. From 2001-2003, he worked as a technical officer in Credit Department at Lanexang Bank Ltd. He was also a technical officer in Loan and Treasury departments; meanwhile he was responsible for money transfer by SWIFT.In 2007, he started working as an assistant at Prime Minister’s Office for four years. Due to his various experiences, Mr. Thavone has taken a position of Deputy Managing Director at Lao Construction Bank Ltd and he is now in charge of Credit and Operation departments.
Mr. Thavone’s purpose is to focus on improving and developing the best services to customers as well as leading LCB to meet the international standard.
He aims to achieve the target and lead LCB to the world level. He also intends to make LCB become the best bank, which providesexcellent, fast, convenient, modern and transparent banking and financial services, and movesit forward step by step under the slogan “Move you forward and grow together”.

Mr. Oudone SENTHAMAVONG - Deputy Managing Director
“Hold the role and be honest to the organization”
Mr. Oudon SENTHAMMAVONG was born on 12 May 1979, at Thong village, Pakse District, Champasak Province. In 2000 he graduated from Finance and Economic Institution and graduated at National University of Laos with the major in Economic in 2008. He is recently doing his master degree at Finance and Economic Institution.
Working experiences:
Since 2000, he was a Chief of Foreign Exchange Reserve Division at Bank of Laos and in the year 2007 he became a Chief of Information and Analysis Division at BOL. After that, in 2009, he moved to Phongsavanh Bank and was appointed as Deputy Head of Treasury and International Banking Services Department. Throughout his 11 years of experiences in banking industry, from August 2011 until now, Mr Oudone has taken a position of Deputy Managing Director at Lao Construction Bank Ltd. He has taken care of three main departments including Department of Marketing, Finance and Money Transfer service.
His visions and targets toward LCB:
  • To provide variety of services to customers
  • To expand network andbranchesas many as possible so that customers are able to access the best services from us
  • To ensure that LCB is trustworthy to customers as well as the whole country so that we can move forward together to the international stage
  • To establish widely corporation with other commercial banks and financial institutions within the country and abroad
  • Eng